Labuan Bajo
Sunset in Labuan Bajo,Waeciciu beach

Flores Expert – Travel Tour in Flores

Labuan bajo, Ruteng, Bajawa, Riung, Kelimutu, Moni, Ende, Maumere

Flores map

Flores Expert is private tour and travel organizer through Flores island.We are start from any airport (flight to Flores) Labuan Bajo, Maumere, Ende. We operate between tour attraction:Ruteng, Bajawa, Riung, Moni, Kelimutu.
We customize your trip.We usually have cheap 4 day/3 nights transportation,visit Flores popular hotels.Our Flores guide/driver is experience in exploring Flores.

For Travel and Tour in Flores we drive Avanza Veloz car,which maximum capacity is 7 travelers.There is air-condition and DvD in car.Families friendly as children can watch favorite movies during trip. Child seat available

Our main highlights is Ngada Regency,where we visit many tourist places.Traditional villages with interesting culture and architecture of localĀ  Flores tribes.

There are many interesting things to do in Bajawa,such as visit famous Bena, Luba, Gurusina villages or Paliana Loca, Detusoko off main track, you can trekking mount Inerie(steep volcano), admire Wae Roa waterfall,view point at Manu Lalu or relax in warm sulfuric water of Malanage hot spring,Trip to Riung for snorkeling/diving is recommended.Diving Flores.


bena village
Traditional village-Bena

Travel Tour in Flores

Flores is very beautiful and adventures island,there is 5 volcanoes and from West to East lead main (sometimes serpentine) road of 700 km long .Flores landscape is mostly mountainous with beautiful beaches and friendly ,mostly Catholic population.

English is become more and more popular however far from tourist spotsĀ  can be difficult to communicate.


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