Komodo National Park

Komodo dragons can be seen only on two islands:Rinca and Komodo.

Every morning boats from Labuan Bajo harbor head to Komodo or Rinca Island for day trip  to Komodo National Park.

It takes around 2 hours  to Komodo National Park, at the entrance guide is offered his help, local experience guide will explore island depends which walking track one or two hours you take.The longer the track the better chance to spot dragons.Office selling entry tickets are based close to  camp at Loh Liang, where trekking start.

Dragons can be seen there close to kitchen as they have incredible sense of smell.Its best  to see dragons in the morning or late afternoon otherwise they avoid heat, stay hidden in shadow places.

Nowadays many visitors go to Rinca island,which is believed to have more dense population of  those giant lizards. Rinca with more exposed landscape gives opportunity of seeing Komodo dragons quicker,Camp in Loh buaya offer four rooms and cafe.Dragons habitat is also shared with deer,wild pigs and other small rodents creating natural ecosystem which is also hunting prey for monitor lizards.

Diving around Komodo and Rinca its one of most interesting in Indonesia however not the easiest one,whit unpredictable current.Water temperature is around 28 degree Celsius.The coral reef is very exposed and life,marine life include: Anthias ,Wrasses,Angelfishes and big fish such as Reef sharks and  huge Trevalies.