Kelimutu three colour lakes

kelimutu three colour lakes
Kelimutu three colour lakes

Kelimutu three colour lake are set by peak of Kelimutu (1620m).It makes rather deserted landscape with 2 lakes close to each other separated by tiny rocky line. The third lake lays down just hundreds meter away,unusual dark deep color. Scientists discover that colors depends of congregation of some minerals at the time of migration underground waters. Level oxygen dissolved in water is also changing. That changes  color from light blue until green or red to black in the lowest located lake.

Tourist arrive at around 4.00 am in the morning just enough to watch sunrise over magical mountains.

There are two  main viewpoints ,one at the top overlooking 2 lakes and one lower for the darkest lake. The numerous steps to get there from parking area will bring you to National Park  where tickets are sold. You need good boots and enough energy for trekking to walk down to Moni. Journey takes about 2,5 hours with stunning views surrounded by majestic mountains. On the way you can pass local villages and waterfall just entering Moni where is possible to swim. There could be also some hot springs on the way to put feet on.

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