Bena Traditional village- Ngada tribes ritual animist ceremony

Bena Traditional village -Ngada tribes ritual animist ceremony

Due to anniversary of  ethnic group in Ngada regency reaching hundreds years old they still perform the same style of traditional dancing like they ancestors did. Bena traditional village – ngada tribe hold most events in ngada area.

During ritual animist ceremony some offerings could be lay to ancestors for blessings in a form of sacrifice.

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Bena Traditional village - Ngada tribes animist ritual ceremony

Inerie volcano in Bajawa, Ngada cultural region

Inerie volcano in Bajawa, Ngada cultural region

Now is perfect time to climb Inerie volcano, trekking takes only 3 hours with guide. It is possible only in dry season.

Inerie volcano in Bajawa, Ngada cultural region

Pair of good shoes as Inerie is one of the steepest mountain in Flores. Many small rocks sliding.
Trekking start from Watu Meze village around 15 km from Bajawa.

Track is very spectacular and you have great view on traditional villages such as Bena ,Luba and Gurusina in Ngada cultural region

It descend near Malanage Hot springs, where you can sooth your feet!