Hot spring Bena village Ngada

Malanage hot water located in  Dariwali Village, District Jerubuu, Ngada region,not yet managed to be a tourist attraction which could contribute to local revenue (PAD). Sightseeing hot water is still ‘virgin’ has not been cared for and organized by government to be visited by tourists. In addition to hot water, in District Jerubuu, there is a form of cultural tourism in the village of Bena Traditional Village and Mount Inerie Tiworiwu suitable for hiking tours. Watchlist SPIRIT NTT recorded that Malanage Spring located on the edge of roads to the village of Naruwolo, hot water generated temperatures are much hotter than the hot water Mangeruda (another hot springs in Bajawa area)
Malanage hot water flowing from the hillside adjacent to the Volcano Inerie. The location of the hot water has not yet managed to become a tourist Ngada attractions. Around this area fertile crop-growing tree and plantation crops like cocoa, clove and coffee.

Hot Spring Bena traditional village