Smoki Indonezji gigantyczne jaszczurki Komodo

Smoki Indonezji gigantyczne jaszczurki Komodo

jaszczurki komodoIndonezyjskie warany -jaszczurki Komodo zamieszkujace Narodowy Park tuz przy wyspie Flores zagoscily nawet w Polskim Radiu Trojki.

Dzieki dziennikarzowi Tomaszowi Gorozdowskiemu ktory wybral sie w poszukiwaniu tych gigantycznych jaszczurek.

Wiecej informacj prosze szukac na stronie Polskiego Radia,Smoki Indonezji gigantyczne jaszczurki z Komodo


Cocoa trees grow in Flores

Cocoa trees grow in Ende, East Flores

Cocoa is one of the most popular tree in East Flores.Its the tree that chocolate comes from :D! However can be also eaten raw and taste a bit like mangosteen.Due to constant demand for cocoa there are some farmer organizations  or Veco NGOs to rise standard and meet demand.
Cocoa trees are commonly grow in Ende, Flores. It is believed one of the best chocolate is the world is made from Indonesian Cocoa.

More info in local language by  indonesian blogger

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Cocoa trees grow in Ende, East Flores

Bajawa-what to visit – top tourists attractions in Ngada

Bajawa-what to visit – top tourists attractions in Ngada

What to visit in Bajawa Region? my homeland. Top tourists attractions in Ngada.

Official recommendation by Tripadvisor members ratings.

For any info please contact us!Bajawa-what to visit-top tourists attractions in Ngada






Malanage Hot Spring -Natural Spa close to Bena village

Malanage Hot Spring

Whenever you are in Bajawa region and busy to look around traditional villages trekking up and down you can sooth your feet in pool form of two springs, one is cold and other very hot both give great mixture!



Kelimutu Tri colour crater lakes Moni

Kelimutu Lakes one of the most important highlights of Flores just drive 1,5 hour from Ende.Check for airline ticket, new airline Kalstar operate from Bali.

Stay at one of  Moni accommodation and next day early morning head from your hotel to those changing colours crater lakes.

Usually guest stay only one night and next day already flight back to Labuan Bajo. However if you have time its worth trekking Kelimutu area. There are some other natural attraction such as waterfalls and hot spring in area. For more info look at our page about those magician kelimutu tri colour crater lakes, Moni

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Kelimutu tri colour lakes

kelimutu tri colour lakes