bena1Ngada traditional villages

Bajawa is the largest town in the Ngada district with traditional villages: such as:Bena,Luba,Gurusina.Paliana Loca,Detusoko, and its status as the spiritual center of Flores. Despite tourist and travellers visiting every day this are indigenous animist religion is maintain their culture.Ngada traditional villages build traditional architecture houses, megalithic stones and interesting totemic structures.People of Ngada speak local Ngada dialect with older members not able using bahasa indonesia

Home of strong local wine moke,one of local speciality is served during celebrations,where ancient way of slaughter animals( bafolo) being sacrifized to feed ancestors, dog meat marinated in coconut milk and then boiled in its own blood. The influx of tourists to the Ngada region has led to a booming guide industry in Bajawa, with a corresponding hike in prices. A day-tour should cover at least Bena and Wogo, as well as the hot springs at Soa, but many also include a trip to Wawo Muda, one of Indonesia’s newest volcanoes. If you don’t get approached by a licensed guide at your hotel, try the guide association which operates an information office opposite the Hotel Eidelweis, though it’s only open sporadically. Soa, Wogo and Bena are all accessible by public transport from Bajawa (though Bena only has one bemo a day); it can be hard to find accurate information about this, and guides will often inflate prices to discourage you from independent visits, so ask bemo drivers directly. Alternatively, you can rent a motorbike and explore the region for yourself. The market is a good place to look for people willing to hire out their wheels. An ojek (motorbike with driver) will be around the same price. Female travellers should be careful of the latter though, as there have been several reports of indecent behaviour by ojek drivers in the area

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