Malanage-Hot-Spring Malanage Hot Spring Bajawa

Around 17 km south of Bajawa after you pass Bena village continue still couple of kilometers down the road. By the way trekking around this area will present beautiful scenery of Inerie volcano with traditional villages scattered around. Malanage hot water is exactly located in Dariwali Village, Jerubuu, Ngada district, however you will need asking for direction since this area is not considered “tourist attracion” so any road sign is not easy to find
Malanage hot water is flowing from the hillside adjacent to the Mount Inerie, their water reaching the edge of road heading to Naruwolo village its much hotter than similar hot spring in Mangeruda area.In fact its so hot that is imposible to get even your finger in,only careful positioning yourself in the river on the verge hot and cold springs give fantastic relaxing experience,great after hours of trekking.Fresh mountain air, transparent emerald water in surroundig jungle of cocoa or coffee trees in complete silence with only river skimming and shimmering meandering between stones becomes unforgetablenatural spa phenomenocated in Dariwali village which is part of the Jerebuu district, roughly 15 km south of Bajawa.

In Manalage Hot springs there are two current one is coming from volcano Mount Inerie (very hot) and other from right just small river, after springs mix it change into nice warm spring ,pleasant to sit particularly under small waterfall falling from big stones scatter there in the river.This water is rich in sulphur so its good for skin.
Its was great lay in water and stare at jungle full of cocoa or coffee trees.
The only disadvantage is lack of proper facilities such as public toilet or changing room but its not so much populated place anyway.
ocation Malanage hot water, Dariwali Village, District Jerubuu, Ngada district, yet managed to be a tourist attraction which could contribute to local revenue (PAD). Sightseeing hot water is still ‘virgin’ has not been cared for and organized the government to be visited by tourists. In addition to hot water, in District Jerubuu, there is a form of cultural tourism in the village of Bena Traditional Village and Mount Inerie Tiworiwu suitable for hiking tours.
Malanage hot water flowing from the hillside adjacent to the Mount Inerie. The location of the hot water has not yet managed to become a Pemkab Ngada attractions. Around this area fertile crop-growing tree and plantation crops like cocoa, clove and other plantation crops.